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Modest Loft Interiors uses the power of design to transform even the simplest area into a stunning space. We incorporate our clients' vision with our unique personal styling to amplify any space. We are dedicated to our passion for design!

About the Founder

Owner and founder of Modest Loft Interiors, Rashida Gordon, is a wife, mother, and self
proclaimed “fashionista”. From an early age, Rashida possessed a gift for color, design,
and organization. Watching her grandmother sew clothing, curtains, and bedding around the home intensified a desire to create unique and memorable spaces. Starting in real estate, Rashida slowly matriculated the ranks within companies such as Home Goods, Modern Luxury Media, and The Worthing Companies. Finally, a close friend asked to design their first child's nursey. The process of seeing the before and after, caused Rashida to see her true calling; designing spaces. Then and there the
concept of Modest Loft Interiors was born.

Modest Loft Interiors designs with a purpose. We want to make your home feel like the
true kingdom that it should be; just for you. Combining functionality with elements that
please the eye makes MLI stand out from the rest.

Whether you need a living room refresh or a whole home makeover, we’ve got you
covered. We also service commercial spaces to help increase productivity and group
culture. We do it all so that you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new elevated

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